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Past Due? What To Do.

In listening to the inauguration of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris yesterday I am thankful for the hope this ceremonial and historic pause brings. However, as our president and vice president transition quickly to the work of their offices, it is clear the needs of our communities, and our nation, do not pause. Specifically, theContinue reading “Past Due? What To Do.”

Capital Investment Projects and Their Role in Ashland’s Budget

In my career I have built models that evaluate capital projects, their return on investment, payback period, and ultimate priority within the macro picture of the business. Additionally, I have developed metrics that assist in prioritizing which projects get the go ahead, versus those that wait. Such analysis is a challenge because the variables betweenContinue reading “Capital Investment Projects and Their Role in Ashland’s Budget”


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Once Upon A Biennium…

Come the spring, Ashland will start planning for the next biennium budget. As we prepare for the budget work ahead, it is my goal to share information on topics that impact our city’s planning and often generate questions. I hope you find it helpful.

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